Return Your Chin to a Solo Act with FaceTite®

Nov 15, 2023
 Return Your Chin to a Solo Act with FaceTite®
The only thing that should have a double chin this time of year is the turkey you feast on for Thanksgiving. If your chin has developed a twin, we have a fantastic technology for restoring it to a solo act — FaceTite®.

The line between your face and neck used to be well-defined, but age and gravity have conspired together to blur the lines. These days, your chin is lost to sagging jowls and a developing turkey neck or double chin.

To restore your chin to a solo act, the team here at Juno Aesthetic, led by board-certified medical expert Dr. Julia Giyaur, offers a highly effective, minimally invasive solution with FaceTite®. Here’s how this innovative form of chin liposuction can make your chin the headliner again.

Why the double chin?

To understand why our FaceTite technology is so effective, reviewing what we’re dealing with when the lower half of your face starts to disappear into folds of extra skin is helpful.

Collagen is a protein in your skin that’s responsible for its structure. Over time, your body produces less collagen, and this decrease ramps up considerably if you’re a woman transitioning through menopause. In fact, a woman’s skin loses about 30% of its collagen during the first five years of menopause.

Men also lose collagen over time but don’t experience the same precipitous drop as women. 

Male or female, the lack of collagen not only allows your skin to sag; it also lets the thin layer of fat beneath the skin on your face migrate downward. Eventually, this displaced fat often gathers at the lowest point — you guessed it, under your chin.

Fighting back against double chins and loose jowls

When it comes to cosmetic surgical procedures in the United States, liposuction reigns supreme and claims the top spot.

With our FaceTite laser technology, we take liposuction to the next level to make quick work of your double chin and sagging jowls.

With FaceTite, we make tiny incisions through which we thread a device that delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy into the displaced fat cells. This energy turns the fat cells into liquid, making them easier to suction.

Rest assured, we make you perfectly comfortable beforehand with a topical anesthetic, which is all you need for this minimally invasive treatment.

On top of our ability to eliminate fat around your jaw and chin with FaceTite, the RF energy also elicits a collagen response, which helps restore structure by tightening the skin in the treated areas.

As a result, about 4-6 weeks after your FaceTite procedure, your chin and jaw areas will re-emerge as well-defined and sculpted areas you’ll be proud to show off.

If you’d like to explore how our FaceTite technology can help you redefine your face, we invite you to contact one of our New York City offices in Midtown Manhattan or Brooklyn to schedule an appointment.